Krauthammer: Scott Walker Not Finishing College A "Dog Bites Man" Story, "People Are Searching For Dirt"


BRET BAIER: Let me ask you about the front page of the The Washington Post about education and the mystery behind Scott Walker leaving college, questions linger. That's how it's phrased. We had a long interview and we have a clip that will run on my blog, The Daily Bret, where he goes into what happened. He went and got a job.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I don't understand the story. Where is the story here? Student who bored with his studies with a year to go in credits, in his senior year, is offered a good job and leaves. That's a story? That's a dog bites man story. I mean, in fact, Bill Gates in 2007 received an honorary degree because he never got his degree. The idea that there were questions raised is baffling. I think this is a guy who has been vetted and people are searching for dirt. It's hard to find.

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