Frank Luntz on Scott Walker: "Our Most Intelligent Presidents Have Often Been Our Worst Presidents"


FRANK LUNTZ: [Scott Walker] did so well in Iowa, doing well in these early polls. Here is someone who is only known to about 60% of the Republican electorate and yet he is tied with Jeb Bush who is known to virtually everyone. When you are that well known this early, Walker is going to be -- it's not just going to be this, it's got to be other things in there. But I'll tell you this. Two points. One is who are the two best educated presidents of the last 50 years? Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.

NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NEWS: Is that right?

LUNTZ: Who are the worst educated presidents -- the ones you would argue didn't do much. Harry Truman, who did not graduate from college, and Ronald Reagan. So which side are you on?

When we do this in these focus groups there are a couple of people who say, 'That concerns me, I want a smart president.' But they are overwhelmed by Republicans who say, wait a minute, our most intelligent presidents have often been our worst presidents and here's a guy who understands how to get things done. He has won three elections. I don't take sides here, but I want to be clear, he has won three elections in four years in a Democratic state. He took on and beat the unions. He challenged the teachers and changed education. That's why they're coming after him and, Neil, don't assume it's an attack from the left. There are Republicans who are watching him rise and thinking, 'Wow, this guy is going to be a threat.'

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