CNN's Acosta: Obama's AUMF Request Sounded Like A "Liberal Bumper Sticker" From 2008


JIM ACOSTA, CNN's WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: I've been noticing this over the last several days, the talk coming from this president has been amped up considerably. At the start of his remarks he said our coalition is on the offensive. ISIS is on the defensive. ISIS is going to lose. You know, he's not been speaking in that sort of stark terms, I don't think for some time. He may have been taking a tip from David Cameron who was talking like that when he came to Washington a couple weeks ago.

Wolf, I think more notable than anything was the president's acknowledgement to nervous Democrats at the end of his comments saying that this new authorization would not bring about what he called 'endless war.' That is almost off liberal bumper stickers that may be driving around in support of the Obama campaigns of '08 and '12, Democrats don't want endless war and the president trying to say you are going to get a three-year timetable and at that point, time is up on this mission, time is up on this authorization. You won't get endless war.

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