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Chris Hayes: Axelrod Revealing Obama Lied About Gay Marriage Position "An Ends Justifies The Means Lie"

In a new book, President Barack Obama’s longtime former adviser David Axelrod says that candidate Obama’s opposition to full marriage equality was never what he really believed. LGBT activist Dan Savage joins Chris Hayes to discuss.

CHRIS HAYES: Let's say there's a young conservative libertarian candidate who is coming up in the Ron Paul movement, and he says, I think we should get rid of the minimum wage, I don't believe in it philosophically. He starts ascending to national office, understands that is not a tenable position, runs for president and says of course I believe in the minimum wage, and then kind of works with libertarian activists to, like, get rid of the minimum wage in America, and then later his adviser rights a memoir and says of course he wanted to get rid of the minimum wage the whole time. I would be angry, I would feel like fundamentally people had been had.

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