Krauthammer: Obama Admin Won't Admit Deli Attack Was Anti-Semitic Because It Would Mean He Isn't Infallible


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, if you're going to surrender as the administration did on this idiocy, at the end, it's irritating for you to say we've always been clear that we intended to say it was anti-Semitic. That's not being clear. They spent the whole day pretending it wasn't, which made them look silly. You hear Josh Earnest saying that because they weren't targeted as individuals, so it wasn't a hate crime, it wasn't a group crime. That makes the case that it was a hate crime.

The idea was, for terrorism, for an anti-Semitic act, not that you have a grievance against the individual, but that you want to attack Jews. Here's a man who called the TV station in the middle of the hostage incident and said he was there to kill Jews. President Hollande of France said that it was an egregious anti-Semitic act. What does it take? And why did they spend a whole day with this ridiculous pretense that it wasn't? Because, otherwise, it would have meant admitting that the president is not infallible and that he left out an adjective and he should have said kosher deli. That's all it took.

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