Krauthammer: "Terrifying" That Obama Likens Terrorism To Fighting Crime In A City, "Random Violence"


BRET BAIER, SPECIAL REPORT: The current [Senate Intelligence] Chairman Senator Burr on Special Report last week said in all his times on that committee, he's not seen a terror threat matrix like this right now. So, why does the president say this? Why does he say the media is overhyping this and that that's the issue?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Because he believes it and that's what is the scariest of all. If he was just being cynical as a way to dismiss this because of the failure of his own policies, that would be one thing. I think he believes this. At the end of his presidency he is now liberated to actually say what he believes.

We complain he doesn't have a strategy in the war on radical Islam. The reason he doesn't have a strategy is because he thinks there is no need for a strategy because it is random violence. People shoot up delis, people go around in other places and do stuff. They attach an ideology afterwards as a way to make it look legitimate.

He thinks, and he says it openly, this is like the fighting of crime in a city. There is no unifying ideology in the criminals of a city. You go after one after another, you use a drone on one, you arrest another, you shoot a third. But you don't have to have a strategy. You don't have a to understand who they are because one thing after another.

And that has been the reason why Obama has no strategy. He thinks I kill a few people here with a drone. I tamp it down, it will go away. Or people will ignore it, especially if the press would not hype it. This is what is so terrifying about the man who is commander and chief of a country, essentially a civilization, under attack.

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