Maher on Obama Prayer Speech: The Problem Is He Doesn't Say That Islam Is Living In The 16th Century Now


Bill Maher and his panel made up of The Blaze's Amy Holmes, The Weekly Standard's John McCormack and spiritual author Marianne Williamson react to President Obama's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this week.

BILL MAHER, REAL TIME: He's just saying -- I've made this point myself a billion fucking times. If I was living living in the 16th century it would be Christianity you ought to be going after because they're the ones who were the most violent and the most intolerant. But we're not living in the 16th century. The problem with Obama making this statement is that he doesn't make the follow-up statement that I always do: we did it then, they're doing it now...

MAHER: This ISIS group, I have to tell you, they create a cognitive dissonance in my mind, I'll admit that. Because logically I think we should let the Arab world, the Muslim world, take care of them themselves and get out of there. Stop giving a common enemy to the region. But I have to admit they are very good at pushing buttons. When I see the things they do like this week I am like we have to smoke these motherfuckers yesterday. I am like what is taking so long? And you know what it is taking so long? No boots on the ground. Why doesn't Jordan have boots on the ground? Why doesn't Egypt --


MAHER: -- Saudi Arabia. Why don't these countries -- what does it take for them to put boots on the ground? Take out your own trash...

JOHN McCORMACK, WEEKLY STANDARD: The ideal is Arab ground troops, but what if it fails? Do we really think that if we leave them alone they're going to leave us alone? There aren't going to be another Charlie Hebdo every week in Europe, in America?

MAHER: I don't see how us being over there taking care of the problem they should be taking care of and forestalling civil war. They need to have this civil war amongst themselves. If this doesn't get it started, I don't what does.

HOLMES: The problem is they are so great at recruitment. You have Australians, you have Americans, French, Brits all over there and where are they going to end up when the war is over?

MARIANNE WILLIAMSON: You know when you were talking earlier, Bill, you were talking about medicine and you said they treat the symptom but not the cause. And when everybody had this conversation about politics, it's always about treating the symptom and not the problem.

MAHER: No, the cause is Islam. That's the thing. The symptom is what's going on. The root --

WILLIAMSON: I respect that you believe that the cause is Islam but I think that there is a multi-cause here. For instance, if we had never invaded Iraq, if we had never struck this hornet's nest --

MAHER: If we had never done that --

HOLMES: 9/11 happened before that.

MAHER: Islam --


MAHER: There would still be millions of people who believe you deserve to die. If you elope with the wrong person, draw the wrong cartoon, leave the religion.

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