Krauthammer on Obama Prayer Speech: "Everything He Does Is To Minimize What's Happening, To Hold Us Back"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: You've got tiny Jordan leading the way in the fight against what is essentially a threat to the Middle East and the whole world and the United States, under Obama, hanging back. You have got public opinion, as the judge said, leading the way. I mean, this primal outrage, which is what anybody ought to feel, Jordan does, we do. And we felt it after the beheading of the two Americans after which Obama went out and played golf. The only reason Obama got involved with ISIS in the first place was precisely the public reaction to the video beheading of the two Americans. If that hadn't happened, he never would have stirred himself.

Everything he does is to minimize what's happening, to hold us back and to essentially deny the gravity of what's happening. And that's why today he had to compare it to the Crusades and to the Inquisition, which is simply astonishing. Mr. President, the Crusades were 800 years ago and the Inquisition 500 years ago. What's happening right now is not Christians on the march; it is radical Islam. He seems to have this desire, whether it's because he thinks we will overreact or because he genuinely believes that this is not the threat that Jordan thinks it is, that Americans think it is, that the Saudis do, the Gulf Arabs, they are apoplectic about Obama's inaction and he doesn't even supply the Jordanians with the weapons that they need. That is simply astonishing.

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