Krauthammer: Obama's ISIS Strategy Is To Slowly Roll Back in Iraq, Leave Syria For Next President


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think there is a strategy, but Obama won't say it. He pretends that the strategy is to destroy ISIS because he has to, because when he didn't, he really got savaged from all sides. But there actually is a strategy implicit in what he is doing and that is you roll back Iraq, slowly but you don't do anything in Syria of any importance. So, what he is doing -- what the strategy actually is unspoken but you can interpret the movements that we are doing on the ground in this way we're going to try to say, for example, recapture Mosul, that will be the objective over the following year to roll them back in Iraq but leave them, essentially, unmolested in Syria because, if you want to actually accomplish that, then you have to have a major ground war. You leave Syria, I assume, for the next presidency. I'm not approving of the strategy but that is the strategy.

BRET BAIER, SPECIAL REPORT: But you can't take ISIS out if you don't take out ISIS in Syria.

KRAUTHAMMER: But that is my point. The objective is enunciated as a false objective. That is not the objective of this administration. It is containment in Syria, roll back in Iraq. That's exactly what he is doing. And the tragedy is that we would have had the option of doing the roll back had Obama not liquidated all the positions of strength that we had in 2011. The air bases, the intelligence, the tremendous influence that we had on the government in Iraq and on the Kurds and elsewhere. but he gave it all away and now we are starting from scratch. And that's the tragedy at the root of this.

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