Joan Walsh: "Parents Owning Their Children Is A Staple Of Right-Wing Rhetoric"


Salon's Joan Walsh responds to Sen. Rand Paul saying it should be up to parents to decide whether to vaccinate their children. In a heated interview on CNBC earlier today, Paul said he supports vaccinations but it should be up to the parents to decide, not the state.

"I think they're a good thing, but I think the parent should have some input," Paul said in the interview. "The state doesn't own your children. Parents own the children and it is an issue of freedom."

"He went a little beyond what we expect," Joan Walsh said on MSNBC. "Parents owning their children really is a staple of right-wing rhetoric."

Walsh also accused Paul of being "abusive" with the female CNBC reporter.

"He also got abusive with the CNBC reporter today in a very touchy way," Walsh observed. "So this whole thing I think is backfiring on him. Both he and Chris Christie seem not to have thought very deeply about the implications of what they're doing and when they get political pushback, they seem unprepared for it so that seems kind of lame to me."

"I don't know what freedom is when they're saying you own your children. What are they, golden retrievers? I didn't realize that parents own children. Look, this is a fringe element that he's representing. The libertarians. You expect that kind of thing from Rand Paul. You don't expect it from the governor of New Jersey," Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank said.

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