Obama Super Bowl Interview: "We're Now Back In A Really Strong Position"


SAVANNAH GUTHRIE, NBC'S TODAY SHOW: If this were your fourth quarter, I guess it kind of is, how do you want to close this presidency?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: What I'd like to see is not only that the economy continues to grow, but I also want to make sure that everybody benefits. And when you travel around the country, you see incredibly hardworking folks, they're doing the right thing, they're looking after their families, but they haven't seen as much wage and income growth as they should have given how high the stock market's gone, how well corporate profits are doing. So if we can make sure that growth is coming from the middle class up, everybody is benefiting from the hard work they're putting in --

GUTHRIE: You had six years to do that, you've got two more.

OBAMA: We've made progress coming off the worst financial crisis in our lifetimes. We're now back in a really strong position. I just want to make sure that in two years when we look back we'll say not only that we recovered from that crisis, but actually we built the kind of foundation that ensures America does well for generations to come.

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