Maher on Muslim World: "Stop Respecting Their Medieval Bullshit Under The Guise Of It's Their Culture"


BILL MAHER: Speaking of business. The president went on a customer service call this week to India. And then he cut short that trip, which I thought was kind of strange, to go to Saudi Arabia. Usually it's not the president who deals with funerals, that's what we have Biden for. But he went to Saudi Arabia to shake hands with, I mean, to meet with the guys who wouldn't shake hands with his wife. And I thought when she wouldn't wear the headscarf that she was kind of making the kind of statement that I've been trying to get across here for a long time. Which is stop respecting their medieval bullshit under the guise of it's their culture. Right?

Cultural relativism is nonsense. It's the 21st century. You won't shake hands with a woman? You're the ones who should be embarrassed, and if that's judgmental, good. I'm judging, yes. I'm judging that that's fucked up. And that you're the bigots. I'm not the bigot. You're the bigot.

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