Krauthammer: Republicans Ought To Pass Own Budget, Send It To Obama, Have Him Veto It And Reimpose Sequester


BRET BAIER: Charles, It's interesting the way the president appears to be positioning this, to split Republicans, and to use, to raise taxes and to use that money elsewhere. Meanwhile, he touts deficit reduction, which largely could be pointing to the sequester.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, the entire idea that he's the big deficit cutter is ridiculous. He's been the biggest deficit-increaser in the history of the galaxy. And what he's done is that he has reduced that to gargantuan levels, in other words from $1.5 trillion, it's now a third of that and still the historically highest level of deficit we've ever seen.

BAIER: Not to mention the national debt that is --

KRAUTHAMMER: Which has already exploded to which he's added about $5 trillion or $6 trillion. So, you know, he's doing a dance in the end zone and you know, he's not even past the 50-yard line on this.

But on the issue of where you cut. I think what the Republicans ought to do is simply ignore his budget. I mean his tax plans are so absurd, the budget is going to be dead on arrival. So when it arrives, you toss it in the waste basket. Republicans have control of the House and the Senate. Offer a bill, pass a bill in the House and the Senate that actually removes the sequester on defense, and re-does the priorities to let the president have it on his desk if he vetoes it, you reimpose the sequester.

But I think to give in to the president on this issue and to be bribed into supporting the military of which he's commander in chief, you'd think he'd care about the levels of the funding in the Defense Department in order to cut a hugely wasteful domestic spending. I think it's something Republicans ought not acquiesced to.

BAIER: So you're saying save the paper and it just e-mail it, don't print it out.

KRAUTHAMMER: Or you burn it.

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