Fox Contributor: Obama May Try To Blame Congress When Iran Negotiations Fail


STUART VARNEY, FOX BUSINESS: That's what the president says, give us more time. So please, you people in Congress, do not impose fresh new tough sanctions now, no you've got to give me some more time. Where are the Democrats?


RICHARD GRENELL: I think the media has been giving Sen. Menendez too much credit, he hasn't been that tough on this issue, I mean come on. He was the leader of the committee, the Senate foreign relations committee. And he still wouldn't stand up to the president very much. He said a couple of statements but he didn't push this forward.

And what we saw in the state of the union from the President of the United States was basically a finger-wagging. Saying I need more time, and if you do anything else to put pressure on the Iranians, you are going to be responsible for blowing this negotiation up. The idea that it is even going well is ridiculous...

The Iranians are emboldened, I don't know what the Senate Democrats are looking at.

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