Caddell: "I Have Never Seen A President Occupying Himself In His Own Fantasy World"


PAT CADDELL, FMR. DEMOCRATIC POLLSTER: When I watched the State of the Union address at the end when the president talked about how people shouldn't demonize the other side and how you shouldn't be fundraising all the time. It dawned on me that this man in his own bizarre world. Look, we've had presidents who were competent or incompetent. We've had presidents who have been manipulative or open. I have never seen a president occupying himself in his own fantasy world in the twilight zone...

The problem is with the word "is. Remember that? Most of these lawyers (presidents who have been attorneys) have never been in the real world but they're trying to develop things that I believe justify what is unjustifiable. To serve a president who I think is himself a lawyer, and as I said, occupying his own kind of fantasy world. And what scares me -- it bothers me, is because you've had guests on earlier, every one of them explaining why this is a mistake.

We have four-star generals and admirals saying why this is a mistake and I'm waiting for someone, particularly the Iranian things coming up -- as a Democrat I want someone, I don't care if it's Bill Clinton, I don't care if it's [Senator] Bob Menendez, somebody needs to go to the White House and tell the president what time of day it is.

NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NEWS: So how can you parse this any other way than being a really good lawyer?

CADDELL: Only by being so ridiculous that every person in the world looks at you and says, what kind of idocy is this? Real people get it right away, that's the problem, the lawyers don't.

And the Taliban. I mean, didn't they just kill 241 children? What do you have to do to justify [that they're terrorists]. Oh, well, but we have to justify what we did with Bergdahl because "we were ending a war." No, it's against the law to do what we did.

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