Krauthammer on WH's Taliban Remarks: "This Is Embarrassing," "You Can't Parody This Administration"


Charles Krauthammer reacts to White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz refusing to call the Taliban a terrorist group and instead an "armed insurgency."

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: It slits throats, it attacks buses, it drives car bombs into markets and it's not a terrorist group? Look, you can't parody this administration. The idea that the United States would not do this is preposterous. Of course we do. And also the idea that the war is winding down, tell that to anybody who lives in Afghanistan. This is a fantasy. Obama has pretended that the war on terror, the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq are all winding down and the wars are all back. So, I mean, this is sort of embarrassing.

The issue for the Jordanians is they are a miraculous ally in the region. They have been our friend and stable for 50 years in a region where regimes last a week and a half. But they are extremely pressured by ISIS, by their internal opposition, by the Muslim Brotherhood inside of Jordan and yet it joined our coalition. If it has to make a swap to recover a pilot, do it.

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