Boehner On Obama Admin's "Antipathy" Toward Netanyahu: "They Don't Even Try To Hide It"


Speaker of the House John Boehner discusses his invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress in an interview with Special Report host Bret Baier.

BRET BAIER, SPECIAL REPORT: Are you surprised by the pushback about your invite of the Israeli prime minister to speak to Congress?

SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER: No, not really. I believe that the prime minister of Israel has a strong voice. He believes that the threat of the Iranians having a nuclear weapon is a very serious threat. The Israeli prime minister can also talk with some expertise about the growing threat of radical Islam. We've got a serious problem in the world and the president just wants to act like it's going to just disappear. And so as a co-equal branch of our government I don't have any problem at all in doing what I did to invite the prime minister to come to Congress and address those concerns.

BAIER: Do you think there is some kind of antipathy in this administration towards Netanyahu?

BOEHNER: Of course there is. They don't event try to hide it.

BAIER: it's been reported that Jeremy Bird who served as the field director for President Obama's 2012 re-campaign is working in Israel, part of an effort to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu in his election. You buy that?

BOEHNER: I've not heard this. I don't want to say I'm surprised or not, but I would hope that that would not be the case. Israel has been our strongest ally in the region for decades. We have a great relationship with them and we ought to look for ways to work together on behalf of our shared interests and not have the kind of antipathy that we've seen over the last several years.

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