Andrea Mitchell: I Don't Know What Obama Meant When He Said There's Been Progress In Syria


ANDREA MITCHELL, NBC NEWS: What the president proposed in the state of the union to have an authorization of the use of force will be taken up and especially with John McCain now as chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee will probably come together on the ground rules, but what is very striking... is that in the president's state of the union address, he said there's been progress in rolling back ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Perhaps there's been some progress in Iraq.

That's debatable as to whether Iraqi troops are ready to stand up, they certainly aren't ready to retake Mosul. There certainly has been no progress in Syria. I'm not sure what the president meant to even say there was progress in Syria because Aleppo, Raqqa, there's no progress in the cities of Syria. ISIS still controls that territory.

This is a town, Kobani, which is not even completely declared verifiably to be out of ISIS control.

It is on the Turkish-Syrian border. You can walk across, if it was safe enough to walk across. This is not part of ISIS territory.

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