Jeffrey Goldberg: When Obama Leaves Office, Vast Territories Could Be Under Control Of Terrorists


JEFFREY GOLDBERG, THE ATLANTIC: Mosul fell in Iraq, to ISIS, and we were shocked, people said it was coming for a year before that.

There's a bropader problem that we see over and over again in the greater Middle East is more and more countries becoming ungoverned spaces. Yemen has always had an al-Qaeda problem, but now the entire country could fall under the control of a group that could use that territory to plot attacks against America. We have that across a broad swath of Iraq and Syria right now, obviously Pakistan and Afghanistan are problematic. Libya of course is collapsing in on itself. Sowe have a situation where the president could be leaving office in January 2017 with hundreds of thousands of square miles of the greatest middle east under the control of terrorists plotting against the west.

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