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Ralph Peters: Iran "Building A New Persian Empire"

LT. COL. RALPH PETERS: Even in Iraq, the Islamic State is still solidifying in some areas, consolidating and growing in areas. But there is just this bigger issue: President Obama wants a nuclear deal, however bad, with Iran so desperately that he is ignoring phenomenal changes in the Middle East -- all to our disadvantage.

Just one part is Iran. Iran, under our noses, while our eyes are closed, is building a new Persian Empire. While we're focused on ISIS, and that's important to focus on, it is growing even spreading to Afghanistan...

Iran is acting in Yemen, as we've seen in the last several days, backing Houthi rebels. Iran is acting in Syria, backing the Assad regime, It backs Hezbollah, it is really on the way while our Air Force helps Iran's ground efforts in Iraq, Iran is on track to gobble up over the next few years Western Afghanistan, all of Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, extending its vassal state in Syria, Lebanon.

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