Krauthammer: "Obama Is Treating Israel The Way You Would Treat Either A Child Or An Enemy"


BRET BAIER, SPECIAL REPORT: Charles, just listening to the press briefing at the White House today, they are not happy about the Bibi Netanyahu invite. I mean, it's clear.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: They are not happy. They have spoken anonymously to an Israeli newspaper really issuing a threat, a personal threat to Netanyahu, saying we are going to remember this, we're in power for two years. Look, Obama is treating Israel the way you would treat either a child or an enemy. He has very nice soft words about the Iranians. He says how they have not violated the interim agreement, how they have frozen their program, which they haven't. He doesn't talk about their influence in Yemen.

A brigadier general of Iran was killed on the Golan Heights on Sunday. What are Iranian generals doing in the Golan Heights? They are using their control of Syria to open a front against Israel and against others, it'll be Jordan tomorrow. And yet none of this emerges. Obama has a vision, a fantasy of an agreement like Nixon in China agreement with Iran. It's going to change the Middle East and defang Iran. In fact, it will make it a nuclear power and it will be in control of this Arab Middle East. That's how the Saudis see it, the UAE sees it, and that is why they are scared to death.

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