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Bill O'Reilly: Wait, No Federal Charges In Ferguson? Is Eric Holder A Racist??

BILL O'REILLY: Reports out of Washington say the Justice Department will not file any civil rights charges in the Ferguson case.

You may remember that 18-year-old Michael Brown shot to death by 28-year- old Police Officer Darren Wilson, a situation that led to rioting across the country. This is new surveillance video we are seeing from the night of November 24th in Missouri.

Hundreds of looters causing millions of dollars' worth of damage all because they believed in injustice had been done to Michael Brown or something. But a grand jury declined to indict Officer Wilson and now Attorney General Eric Holder is doing the same thing.

So what are we to think? Is Holder a racist? Is his deputy who did the investigation, Venito Gupta a racist? All of those people who committed crimes in the name of Michael Brown or judged Officer Wilson without the facts should be ashamed this evening.

But, of course, most of them are not. We are living in a nation that is essentially unfair. Not because of income inequality or bias against skin color, but because we the people often form judgments based on nothing.

Talking points said over and over you cannot convict a fellow American of anything unless you know the facts. And now the facts have been established. No Justice Department civil rights action, no indictment by a grand jury.

The Al Sharpton led the effort to cripple the justice system and impose a vigilante verdict in the case. Another terrible entry on Sharpton's resume.

Now, let's turn to corruption. This man, 70-year-old Sheldon Silver, powerful speaker of the New York State Assembly is under arrest tonight for corruption.

Silver is a vial human being who single-handedly blocked Jessica's law in New York and imposed a culture of corruption on the state assembly that has embarrassed New York for decades.

Finally, the Justice Department swung into action after Governor Andrew Cuomo shut down his own state investigation into public corruption. Mr. Cuomo never explained why he shut it down.

And it is an embarrassment that will follow him forever. Attorney General Eric Holder is to be commended. Let me repeat that Holder is to be commended for allowing the U.S. attorney in New York to pursue Silver.


PREET BHARARA, U.S. ATTORNEY: Over his decades in office, Speaker Silver has amassed titanic political power, but as alleged during that same time Silver also amassed a tremendous personal fortune through the abuse of that political power.


O'REILLY: Now, it took decades to get Sheldon Silver. Talking Points believes he will be convicted because this man has done more to harm New York state than any other human being alive. Shellie, it's karma. Get it, bud? And that's “The Memo”.

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