Krauthammer on Obama's Iran Sanctions Promise: "This Is Obama Saying If You Like Your Plan You Can Keep Your Plan"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Where to start on this? The idea that the White House says that this is a breach of protocol. It's also a breach of protocol to have the Prime Minister of Britain lobby Senators on an issue internal to the United States and yet the administration announced that proudly last week when Cameron was here. And I can tell you that the British are not in any way threatened by a nuclear weapon in Iran remotely the way the Israelis are. For the Israelis it is life and death. Secondly, the idea that somehow this is an intrusion, the Congress is an independent body. The president rarely acts that way but that's what is written in the constitution. If it wants to invite a head of state, it can do that.

But lastly, the reason all of this is happening is because Obama promised when he began these negotiations 18 months ago, they had a time limit, this was the last ditch negotiation, the last chance for Iran to come clean. He said we're going to do this for six months and then we will reimpose sanctions if Iran hasn't done that. They didn't. So, what does he do? He doesn't impose sanctions. He extends the talks. That deadline runs out again. What does he do? Extends it for seven months for a second time. This is Obama saying if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period. He promised sanctions. He obviously does not want to do it and sanctions is the third way between a capitulation and war and that's exactly why Congress wants to impose it triggering it only if Iran doesn't agree to give up its nukes.

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