Tom Bevan: How Will The Obama Administration Go Down In History?


RCP executive editor and co-founder Tom Bevan appeared on Bill O'Reilly's show Wednesday night to tally up the president's accomplishments and failures.

BILL O'REILLY, O'REILLY FACTOR: So how will he go down in history?

TOM BEVAN, REALCLEARPOLITICS: I don't know that we know, it takes time to sort these things out. Obviously Obama's place in history is secure as the first black president, but as far as domestic achievements go, Obamacare is basically it, and the jury is still out on that -- we have a Supreme Court decision coming up. We don't know what the future may hold there.

And then internationally, his supporters would say look, he ended a couple of wars, got us out of Iraq and Afghanistan, but I think right now the consensus is that the president really came in, didn't have an over-arching foreign policy strategy and the world kind of unraveled on his watch.


BILL O'REILLY: I think the folks think maybe this economy is turning around, and that is the big issue for the American people.

TOM BEVAN: Yeah, I think there are two things that are driving this upward tick... One, I think that Obama has sured up his base support after the election with the move on Cuba and executive action on immigration.

And I think that certainly the positive jobs numbers is important. If you look at these numbers, Bill, there seems to be optimism working its way back into the public. They're looking ahead and thinking the economy might be getting better, though at the same time there is still a recognition that the big problem with the economy -- as it has been for 5 or 6 years: stagnating wages -- still exists.

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