Krauthammer: The Idea That Guantanamo Bay Is A Recruitment Tool Is "Preposterous," Existed Before 9/11


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The idea of Guantanamo as a recruiting tool for ISIS or al Qaeda is nonsense. Do you think that the guys who killed the journalists in Paris were inspired by Gitmo? Do you think the guy who had the hostages at the Jewish deli in Paris were inspired by Gitmo? 9/11 happened before Gitmo ever existed. They have a long list of grievances, which is as long as the day, Gitmo sits somewhere in the middle of that list. Remove it, and there are a dozen other items that will fill it. These people are inspired and recruited by their objection to our way of life and the fact we defend our way of life around the world. And they believe in Islamic supremacism, where Sharia rules, they are in charge and they run the world the way it is run today, in ISIS territory in the Islamic State. Gitmo makes no difference whatsoever. There can be other arguments against Gitmo, I think they're very weak, but this recruitment idea is preposterous.

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