Krauthammer: Everyone Knows The Difference Between Islam And Radical Islam Except Obama


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: It's a silly intention. The entire world knows there is a difference between Islam and radical Islam and particularly the moderate Muslims.

CHARLES LANE: That's not Erdogan says.

KRAUTHAMMER: Erdogan is not a moderate.

LANE: Relatively, he was.

KRAUTHAMMER: The UAE, you would admit is a Muslim country, the UAE uses the word radical Islam. Egypt, you would admit is a majority Muslim country, 90% Muslim. Its president stood up and gave a speech on January the 1st to an audience of clerics in which he said we have to reform Islam, this is coming out of Islam.

It is a joke what the administration is doing because everybody understands that when you use the phrase radical Islam you are not indicting all of Islam. Yet Obama persists in this absurd word game.

LANE: If everybody know what is it is what the advantage of actually saying it, if everybody knows it's radical islam what difference does it make if he says it?

KRAUTHAMMER: Because everybody understands that we distinguish between radical Islam and Islam -- because you are afraid that there will be people who don't understand that. You don't say radical Islam, you say we are fighting violent extremism, what does that mean? It means nothing.

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