Eric Holder: We Are At War With "Those Who Would Corrupt The Islamic Faith" To Justify Terrorism


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULIS, ABC'S THIS WEEK: Is the U.S. at war with radical Islam?

ATTY GEN. ERIC HOLDER: I certainly think the U.S. is at war with those who would commit terrorist attacks and corrupt the Islamic faith in the way that they do to justify their terrorist actions. So that is who we are at war with, and we are determined to take the fight to them to prevent them from engaging in these kinds of activities.

Our president has indicated that on Feb. 18 we will be hosting a summit where we try to find better ways to counter violent extremism, to prevent people from adhering to or being attracted to this terrorist ideology. We certainly have to work in a dual way: confront and hold people accountable, but also find an attractive counter-narrative.

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