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Megyn Kelly vs. Catholic League's Bill Donohue on Charlie Hebdo: "Self-Censorship Is The Friend Of Freedom"

FOX News' Megyn Kelly went head-to-head with Catholic League President Bill Donohue on her show tonight for controversial comments he made after the terror attack in Paris which left 12 dead.

In a press release on Wednesday Donohue wrote "Muslims are right to be angry," and "It is too bad that [Charlie Hebdo publisher Stephane Charbonnie] didn’t understand the role he played in his tragic death"

In a heated battle with Kelly on the Thursday broadcast of her show, Donohue argued in favor of "self-censorship." Citing New York vs. Ferber, Donohue said the ACLU argued child pornography was freedom of speech.

"I would prefer the Madisonian understanding," Donohue argued, "which also says this -- liberty can be lost by the abuse of power but also the abuses of liberty. Self-censorship is the friend of freedom because if we don't have self-censorship, we're going to have individuals interpret their rights in extreme fashion."

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