Carl Bernstein: "As a Matter Of Intellectual Honesty" We Should Be Showing These Cartoons


CARL BERNSTEIN: I think this is one of the most difficult questions there is to answer and there's no definitive yes or no answer to it that's necessarily right. But I do believe we should show the image at this point after the fact.


CARL BERNSTEIN: As a matter of intellectual honesty. Solidarity and freedom of expression and freedom of religion, freedom to practice religion are all based on the same principle and I think we need to assert it. At the same time I think focusing on the American and European media right now, we need to focus on Islamic media. I think this is a real problem it's a huge question of islamic terror for the Islamic media. They haven't responded. They haven't been courageous for years. It's time for them to take a look at their actions. I'm much more interested in them, and what's happened in Paris is a huge problem.

It is indicative of what the Islamic world faces today and we need to look at that and they need to be coming up with some solutions. And some condemnation and action in the capitals of the Islamic and Arab world, presidents of the countries with huge Islamic populations, working with the United States, working with other governments in Europe to fight terrorism as a fundamental practice of their governance...

There are also Islamic religious leaders who need to get on al-Jazeera and say

BALDWIN: Why aren't they?

BERNSTEIN: I don't want to judge if they're not. But I think it is time for the Islamic world, these so-called moderate forces of Islam of whom there are hundreds of millions we are told, they have got to organize. Let's look at the president of Tunisia, he's a likely guy who might be involved. Just like how we had a struggle to contain communism for generations, we need a world struggle to fight to terrorism.

An intellectual, media, armaments basis for it when need be if it comes to conflict, but we need a strategy that brings all; these things together. To mew that is the significance of Paris, we have come to a juncture in this struggle where hopefully it isnt going to produce a reaction here, but there.

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