Maddow: "Only" Republican Jew Eric Cantor Forced Out By Same Faction Behind Boehner Revolt & They Love Steve Scalise


Rachel Maddow points out that the wing of the Republican Party who "forced out the only Jewish Republican in the House or Senate" Eric Cantor is the same group who also challenged John Boehner for Speaker. And that they conspicuously didn't vote against the # man in the GOP leadership: Steve Scalise, who is embroiled in a associating-too-closely-with-the-KKK scandal this month.

RACHEL MADDOW: Eric Cantor is the highest ranking Jewish Republican ever in Congress and when he was forced out he was the only Jewish Republican in either the House or the Senate. Which is what opened up a spot in the leadership, which the Republicans decided to fill with the guy who is only now starting to apologize for his association with a virulently anti-semetic neo-Nazi household name called David Duke.

Even as there was this revolt against John Boehner today for Speaker, there has not been a peep of revolt among Republicans against [House Majority Whip] Steve Scalise holding the # 3 spot in their leadership...

Meanwhile David Duke himself, a former Klan leader, is continuing top ssy that he will name names of other lawmakers who have also sought him out in the past. We reached out to David Duke and are following up on some leads.

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