Earnest on Keystone: "Raises Questions About Willingness Of Republicans" To Work With Obama


ED HENRY, FOX NEWS: You were talking yesterday at the podium about cooperation and trying to work with Republicans, there's this meeting next Tuesday. [Are you] not concerned at all about day 1 of the new Congress -- you've been sitting on this veto threat, 'well, we don't know yet.' Day 1 we'll veto this bill. Doesn't that send an odd signal for cooperation?

JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE: I guess, you know, Ed, to pick up on your metaphor about pipelines, I guess that spirit of good feelings flows both ways between Congress and Capitol Hill. Congressional Republicans are well aware of the position of this administration which is we believe clearly that this administrative process is the one that should determine the viability of this project. That is a long-held view. That is a view that we have clearly expressed in the previous Congress. And so, I guess, based on the construction of your question, maybe it raises questions about the willingness of Republicans to actually cooperate with this administration when you consider that the very first bill that's introduced in the United States Senate is one that Republicans know the president opposes.

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