Margaret Hoover: GOP Has "Always Represented The First In Every Minority Group In The Senate"


MARGARET HOOVER: It does on the one hand. And they do. There is really a new possibility here with a Republican Senate, a Republican legislature. The most productive times legislatively in our country have been when you have had a unified body in the legislature and the opposite party in the executive branch.

I'd like to get back to something Tavis said. I think for leadership in the Republican Party, what we really need is Republicans who are willing to disavow the worst traditions in American history and really align themselves with the best traditions in the Republican Party. And that means building a base and building a party that represents the history of the Republican Party -- (INAUDIBLE). Ed Brooke was the first African American senator elected popularly to the United States Senate.

And Republicans always represented the first in every minority group in the Senate -- women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans. This is a party that has in its DNA the ability to build out beyond its base. And we should draw on that history to build in the 21st century.

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