"Celebrity Apprentice" Teammate Lorenzo Lamas: Geraldo Rivera Has The "Most Egotistical Manner"


Geraldo Rivera clashed with teammate and actor Lorenzo Lamas on the Monday broadcast of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice after the FOX News host was rebuffed by his teammates.

After an argument with his teammates -- of the male-only Team Vortex -- over a strategy he had to complete a task on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, Rivera believed he was being purposely left out and accused some teammates of "conspir[ing] against" him.

Lorenza Lamas was trying to console Rivera when he cursed and pushed him away. Lamas says he felt bad for Geraldo because he "didn't want him to feel left out."

Singer Kevin Jonas was the team leader of the task involving Neat, the digital document scanner that helps you transform your receipts, documents and business cards into information that works for you."

Rivera, although not the team leader, wanted to have control of the task.

One of the team members, Sig Hansen, a captain of fishing vessel, said he could call Mike Rowe, whom he said he met during a shooting of Dirty Jobs, and ask him to do a voice-over for their task of creating an advertisement for Neat. Comedian Gilbert Gottfried was used as the actor in the commercial.

An irritated Rivera thought he could do the voice-over, saying he had a better voice than Mike Rowe

"You know, I'm not a bad voice-over either if you want me too," Rivera said as the rest of the team celebrated the fisherman securing Rowe's involvement.

"My voice is as recognizable and would have been more effective in this spot," Rivera said speaking to the camera by himself. "Obviously, Kevin [Jonas], Lorenzo [Lamas] and Ian Ziering have conspired against me.

"If you push me, I'll push you back," Geraldo warned.

The camera then cuts back to the teammates trying to finalize their strategy against the women -- Team Infinity.

"We're missing just the information point at the end," Jonas instructed his teammates.

"We need cloud service," Jonas said referring to his idea for the Neat organizer.

In the middle of the discussion Geraldo jumps in with a proposal causing confusion.

"Five second rule: walk into a conversation, wait five seconds to hear what's going on and then you can speak," Jonas told Rivera.

"Don't give me that bullshit, man. It's very annoying. And don't grandstand with me, dude. I've been around the block too long," Geraldo berated Jonas.

"I'm not grandstanding," Jonas said back.

"Don't lecture me," Geraldo said. "You just lectured me. I don't like it."

"It seemed like Geraldo was really upset," Lorenzo Lamas said to the confession camera. "And I didn't want him to feel left out."

"Geraldo, I'd like to get your run at this buddy," Lamas offered.

"I asked Geraldo to record a voice-over in case Mike Rowe didn't come through," Lamas said to the private camera.

Lamas put his hand on Geraldo's side while escorting him to the studio to do his voice over when Geraldo pulled away and cursed at him.

"I just went to reach from him, and he just shook him arm off me," Lamas described.

"Don't act with me," Geraldo said to Lamas after cursing a few times.

"I'm not acting. I'm not bullshiting. I am giving you a shot out there. I was supporting you. "

"Go be in Hollywood,"

"What are you talking about dude?" Lamas asked.

"It is the most egotistical man manner in which I've seen anybody behave on a set, and I've been doing this for 30 years," Lamas said to the camera.

It should be noted Geraldo was the team leader during a task on last night's premiere of the show, and won. With the win, Rivera was able to keep himself and members of his team safe from elimination.

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