Newt Gingrich: "Tragic Failure of Leadership" Under Obama & Holder For Race Relations


On Face The Nation, Newt Gingrich blames those at the "highest levels" of government (Barack Obama and Eric Holder) for squandering an "historic opportunity" to improve race relations under the watch of a black president and black attorney general.

FORMER HOUSE SPEAKER NEWT GINGRICH: Well, look, first of all, I think we do need criminal justice reform. We have seen people like Rick Perry in Texas and Nathan Deal, the governor of Georgia, do it.

The system doesn't work right. We have people locked up who shouldn't be. We tear apart communities that need young men to be able to go back home. So, I think we need serious hearings at the federal level. Second, there has to be some recognition -- and this will probably get me in trouble -- young people should be told, when a policeman tells you to stop, stop.

There's a dual requirement here. You have to first African- American president. You have an African-American attorney general. And six years into their effort, we're in some ways further apart, not closer together. That's a tragic failure of leadership at the very top.

You have -- the community has to respect the police. And the police have to respect the community. And both have failed.

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