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Laura Ingraham: GOP Leaders Need To Oppose Obama "Meaningfully"

LAURA INGRAHAM, RADIO SHOW HOST: 60% of Republicans don't think Boehner does enough to oppose Obama, which is contrary to what the media meme is that you have to "work with Obama," show that you can work together. I don't think it is all that smart for Republicans to fall into that, I think we have a pathway for progress, a pathway for prosperity...

But people around the country, I don't think they are obsessed with "can Republicans work with Obama?" I think they are obsessed with their country in decline. The middle class is still stuck and they want to feel like Republicans are fighting for them, and that means oppose the president meaningfully, not just with this silly border security bills on immigration, on Obamacare, repeal and replace, not just in words but we want to see real action.

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