Bob Woodward: World "Clearly" Less Safe Under Obama Than It Was A Year Ago


CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS SUNDAY: You know, Bob, one of the things that struck me preparing for this show is a year ago Crimea was still part of Ukraine. A year ago maybe Steve, because he's very up on these issues, but I'd never heard of ISIS, which, again, overview, is the world safer than it was a year ago?

BOB WOODWARD: Well, it clearly is not, and Obama has contradicted himself on that because he's declared war on ISIS and said not just are we going to contain it, but we are going to destroy it. So there's lots of danger out there. But at the same time, if I may say this, there was some excellent reporting in my own paper, "The Washington Post," by Liz Sly about ISIS and said they have lots of trouble putting this government together. Electricity is not sufficient. Water is not sufficient. You can't -- you know --

WALLACE: They're talking about creating an Islamic state, not just having ...

WOODWARD: Yeah. They don't have a capital or they've created a capital. They don't get Baghdad. They don't get Damascus. They have no currency as they've promised. There are lots of governing problems that are very real that are staring them down. Now, does that mean they're going to go away? Absolutely not. I thought in your paper, Jason, there was an excellent interview with General Allen, who's the envoy to the region for President Obama. And essentially what Allen said is we're going to move along slowly on this. It is a giant problem. And there's almost a disconnect with Obama where he said we're going to destroy him and Allen says we're going to contain them.

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