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Mayor of Berkeley, MO on Police Shooting of Armed Black Teen: "The Police Did Not Initiate This Like Ferguson"

Mayor Theodore Hoskins says the shooting in Berkeley, Missouri, can't be compared to what happened in Ferguson. The shooting in the St. Louis suburb happened after an armed teenager who reportedly pointed a gun at the police.

"We are different from the City of Ferguson," the mayor said on Wednesday. "And we all know 80-95% of our policemen serve our community well. So jumping to conclusion without investigating is not acceptable. And I have some fine officers."

"Our police officers are more sensitive and it’s because of the black and white relationship and because they interact with a majority of black policemen. So you get a better understanding which is why I think we’re different from the city of Ferguson," Hoskins said.

"We don’t have major crime in this city. This is unique," he said.

Surveillance footage of the shooting:

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