NYC Mayor de Blasio: "We Have To Work For A More Perfect Union"


NYC MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO: It is a time of pain for our city. It's a time of mourning. For two good families and it's so important we all stand in solidarity with them. I want to thank everyone here at city hall and everyone throughout this city who in a moment will participate in a moment of silence for officer Ramos and for Officer Liu. We visited their families yesterday. They are going through so much and they deserve our support and our solidarity. They need to be first in our thoughts. Officer Ramos and Officer Liu believed in something. They believed in making this world better. They believed in making this city better. They gave their lives for the belief that we could do better. That we could come together. That we could keep people safe. Talking to the families, hearing what motivated these good young men to serve, it's a reminder to us all. It's humbling. Reminds us that we have to keep serving. We have to keep working for something better. There's a lot of pain right now. We have to work our way through that pain. We have to keep working to bring police and community closer together. We have to work for that more perfect union.

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