MSNBC Cyber Security Expert: Evidence That North Korea Behind Sony Hack "Speculative"


MARC ROGERS, CYBER SECURITY EXPERT: The problem we have is, while there is evidence that is slowly is mounting, what evidence has been presented so far is really not very conclusive. the FBI's notice they pushed out hinges on three pieces of evidence which are, at best, speculative. There is no smoking gun that's been found so far. The thrust of their argument seems to hinge around, first of all, the malware that was found, used by these bad guys when attacked Sony, they're saying has links to other pieces of malware that was seen in 2012 and 2013, and that these were known North Korean actions and, therefore, the similarities mean this is probably also North Korea.

But the reality is, if you look at those particular issues, one called Shamoon and one called Dark Sould, it was by no means concluded that those were North Korean. In fact, there was a lot of speculation around them that they could have been a gang of South Korean hackers to Chinese hackers for hire.

The other evidence that they present is based around the internet addresses used. They are not a fixture. They're not a fixed thing. Sometimes they can have a very long life, but sometimes, they can have a very short life. The address itself doesn't tends to be what is interesting, and when we took a look, the vast majority of them are actually public proxies, for the layman, a public proxy is a gateway used by anyone who wants to look like they are coming from somewhere else.

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