Trump: "Con Man" Sharpton Has "Gotten Away With A Lot Of Murder"


DONALD TRUMP: I live in New York and I know Al Sharpton very well. I've dealt with him many times over the years. And he is a guy who I don't believe really believes what he's saying.

Some people would call him a con man. You look at one case which was a disaster and a disgrace. If it was somebody else other than Sharpton that would have been jail time for those people. And he's gotten away with a lot of murder. He probably makes a decent living. He doesn't pay taxes. If you didn't pay your tax, you'd be going to jail for a long time.

For some reason, he's out on the streets preaching like we're supposed to listen. But he hasn't paid taxes, owes millions of dollars. Anybody else would be in jail. So you try and figure that one out. I just can't believe that he gets away with murder because he doesn't believe what he is saying...

I think he's just doing it for himself. He has a lot of fun doing it and he goes out to and he pretends that he cares deeply and you wonder what goes on in his mind. But it's a disgrace that he's leading a group of people. But what he does is make the speech, it will be interesting to see what he gets out of all of what he's doing. But certainly it must be something because he owes millions of dollars in taxes. Somewhere he's making money and somebody should look into it. One of the great investigative reporters that we have in New York...

I've never seen the city like this. It's torn, it's divided. In the age of Obama where all of this stuff should have been perfect and the best ever, it's among the worst I've ever seen and that's been a long time. I've been watching it for a long time. I've lived in new york for a long time. I've never seen such race divide as I see right now. Incredible...

Look, he has a way of turning things around and Al -- I know him very well and I've always gotten along with him.

There are those that say he likes Trump a lot. But I will tell you, Al is a professional con man and Al can turn things around by doing things like that.

That was very smart of him to do. All of a sudden it's about him and people aren't blaming him. They're saying let's feel sorry for Al. He's a con man. He knows it. I know it. Don King knows it. His friend, who I go to fights with with Al. and they all know it. he is doing his thing. but his thing now is causing a lot of problems and it's problems that are not going to be solved very easily. people are getting killed and it's got to stop.

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