Tom Bevan: Can Republicans And Democrats Find Any Common Ground?


Executive editor and co-founder of RealClearPolitics, Tom Bevan appeared on Fox News Monday afternoon to discuss the prospect of compromise in Washington in the new year.

HEATHER NAUERT, FNC: Where do you think that the president starts in January?

TOM BEVAN, REALCLEARPOLITICS: That is a good question. It will be a different environment with the Republicans taking control of the Senate. The president did say in the year end press conference that there is common ground, and they did manage to get the budget resolution to keep the government open, and that included Democrats and Republicans coming together, albeit in the lame duck session. We'll see if there is actual common ground and compromise found when Republicans take control of both chambers. It will be tough going I think.

HEATHER NAUERT: Tom, is it really common ground? You heard the president say he will work with Republicans but you get the sense, only if they agree with him. Where on earth do they have common ground?

TOM BEVAN: You are right, heather, up until now, the president's idea of bipartisanship is I do what I want and sign the bills and it is great. He was asked about tax reform and free-trade, these are areas with some talk.

Beyond that it is going to be tough. Republicans are lining up bills. Keystone is in the top of the list and Republicans will pass it in both chambers and send it to the president's desk, making him sign on or veto those bills. It will be interesting to see. Maybe there is tax reform, but tax reform is a complicated issue. It is not like they will get something done immediately. It will take time. There is not a lot of things to quickly get don in terms of bipartisanship. It will be rough going.

HEATHER NAUERT: You look at the polls, we have a Fox News poll that talks about how people feel about Washington, and 65 percent according to the recent poll, think that the federal government is broken. And so when you come at it at that point how do you come at that when folks believe that?

TOM BEVAN: Good question. Washington has been polarized sense before the president took office. There is a lack of trust. Over the last six years, both sides from come to distrust each other and the well is poisoned, and will the next Congress be an opportunity to start fresh on issues? It is hard to see how that will happen. The president has folks, telling him he needs to be more aggressive and take more executive action and that alienates the republicans in Congress not only in immigration and now, Marco Rubio will take up the fight against doing anything on the the Cuba embargo. It is tough to find. That they need to find common ground and trust to be able to work together and pass stuff. It doesn't seem like it is going to be there. That is probably the story we'll see now that 2016 will kick into gear. And you have folks inside and outside of the Senate positioning.

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