Krauthammer vs. Juan Williams on NYPD Slayings: "Race Was Injected Deliberately and Cynically"


JOHN ROBERTS, FOX NEWS: Charles, while the president has said he is outraged by these killings, he has not come out and made a public statement on camera. Do you think he should given the national implications of all of it?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think he should. When you have two policemen shot, in cold blood with a series of incidents that began in Ferguson and in Staten Island in which the president came out and spoke. He thought it was important enough to come out and speak. This is clearly important enough and he should do a little bit more than just issue a statement.

Nonetheless, I think it's a gross exaggeration to try to lay this at the feet of the president or even the mayor. I think what you have here is a conjunction of mental illness and suggestion. This guy clearly has a history of mental illness, the shooter. He shot his ex-girlfriend earlier in the day. That was not a political act. His mother was afraid of him. His sister is estranged. This is a guy who had a history of attempting suicide. A long, checkered life. But the suggestion came from the atmosphere around him.

In many ways it's a little bit like the guy in Sydney, who also was unstable, mentally ill, but he got his sort of narrative from ISIS and he acted on it.

Now, the guy who did the shooting was organized enough mentally that he could get on a train, head to New York, get a gun, announce what he was going to do, name the causes, meaning the incident at Staten Island and Ferguson and said he was going to shoot cops. So, he wasn't completely psychotic, nonetheless, there is something about the narrative that he got from the outside, that's not the cause, but I do think the way that the mayor had spoken about the demonstrations. He took the side of demonstrators against the police, [that] was a mistake in and of itself, unrelated I would say to the events Saturday, but nonetheless, extremely deplorable.


JUAN WILLIAMS: I'm a big fan of the idea that the black leadership in this country needs to the stand tall and start talking about black on black crime and what Jason said is absolutely right in terms of the numbers and in terms of who was killing black people, it is black people and disproportionately it's young black men and these drug/turf wars situations, the drive-by situations that you hear about, John. So there's no question then.

Does that mean that those people can't say separately and legitimately there needs to be police reforms. And I think this is specifically about the relationship between police who are asked to deal with poor black broken down dysfunctional communities, it's a terrible stress on police. And then the question is, do you respect the fact that even though those people are poor, have no political voice, you know, shooting them and excessive police abuse of power is not to be tolerated in the our society. We do not want a police state.

KRAUTHAMMER: But the keyword is what you said separately. The Ferguson case was a case of self-defense, the grand jury was right in returning the non-indictment. And there is not a shred of evidence that in the Staten Island case, race has any play in that play at all. I think it was a case of police misconduct, but it was not about race. The irony is the two cops who were shot were minority cops. One was Hispanic, the other was Asian-American. Race was imposed on this by the Al Sharptons of the world. It's about how do you police, how do you do grand jury stuff? Are prosecutors too close with the grand jury? We can reform that. But race was injected deliberately and cynically and that truly is deplorable.

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