Ed Henry on Obama's "Unmemorable" News Conference: "Some Of The Questions Just Didn't Press Him"


GRETCHEN CARLSON, FNC: Welcome back to The Real Story. You just heard President Obama wrapping up his news conference. Sony hacking, Cuba, hot topics of the day. Our Chief WH correspondent was there, Ed Henry was there in the room. Ed, why were you snubbed?

ED HENRY, FNC WH CORRESPONDENT: I'm outraged for men everywhere. No. Kidding.

Look, what are you going to do? The president decided to only call on women, not to call on the networks. I'll say something before this becomes a controversy or something, is that a couple weeks back, we were in Australia for the G-20 summit, and the president only called on the five TV networks, and I think the White House will argue that we got our licks in, we got some tough questions into the president a few weeks ago, so he wanted to give some other people a chance. But frankly some of the questions just didn't press him. There's so much going on right now, and --

GRETCHEN CARLSON: There's so much going on.

ED HENRY: The questions were trailing off. The president was almost like, let me remember what you asked because it was so unmemorable. He's the president of the United States!

GRETCHEN CARLSON: Talking about possible act of war with the Sony hack. He gave some pretty good answers on that, saying he wished they wouldn't have pulled the movie and would have consulted with him. But there was a lot of laughing going on. I'm all for a good joke, but you have the Cuba situation. People are asking what his new year's resolution was, for God's sake --

ED HENRY: I wanted to follow up on the president saying, Sony made a mistake by cowing to North Korea, and then went on to say, I wish they would have spoken to me first.

I'm confused why someone didn't ask, why didn't you call them or why didn't someone here at the White House call them and say, we have your back?

Clearly I understand the context, which is the president has to be careful not to look like he is interfering with an individual company. I get all that.

If you're saying, you should have called me first, you're admitting you would have had that conversation and given them advice. The president could have said I'm not going to let you make the decision but if you decide to good forward with this film, I've got your back. He didn't make that phone call.

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