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Dershowitz: Sony Hack "Pearl Harbor On the First Amendment"

Constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz joins Megyn Kelly to talk about the consequences of Sony's decision to pull The Interview, a film which insulted North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: I used the term, it is the Pearl Harbor attack on the First Amendment, the dictator of Nroth Korea did something no American president can do, he censored an American film based on its content. And if you can censor a film by hacking, what happens when the New York Times, the Washington Post, or Fox News does something that disturbs North Korea? Or Iran? This is the beginning of a cyber war that can go on indefinitely and really place our first amendment in danger...

When Salmon Rushdie was threatened with death, all the publishers got together and said we're going to jointly confront this censorship, and jointly publish the book -- what should have happened is all the Hollywood studios should have given up their profits and jointly distributed this film over the internet, so hundreds of millions of people all over the world can see what North Korea doesn't want you to see...

Companies like Sony have an obligation not only to their stockholders, but they are holders of our 1st Amendment freedom, and they have to put freedom of speech first, even if it means their profits are hammered.

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