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RCP Radio Show: Scott Conroy On Jeb Bush's Early "Seek The High Ground" Strategy

Political reporter Scott Conroy joins Tom Bevan and Carl Cannon on RealClearPolitics on SiriusXM POTUS Politics to discuss Jeb Bush's opening act of the 2016 mix: the release of hundreds of thousands of emails. What does it mean for other establishment candidates like Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton who also face questions about transparency?

CARL CANNON: He's Mr. Clean. He's going to release 250,000 emails. Which, to me, that's a shot across Christie's bow, he's saying I've got nothing to hide, I'm who I am. I'm transparent. They want to call me moderate now, they said I was very conservative when I was governor of Florida.

TOM BEVAN: "Severely conservative."

CARL CANNON: [Jeb Bush says] "I'm the same guy. Here's the emails to prove it." It strikes me that he is really staking out, let's not talk left-right-center in the Republican Party, because it is all pretty conservative, but he is staking the high moral ground: I'm clean, you won't be embarrassed by me. There won't be anything to worry about.

SCOTT CONROY: I think that's exactly right, and I think he'll hold that up against Hillary Clinton, you know the continuing questions about transparency that she faces, you know, from her State Department tenure, but yeah, Christie in particular, you see what he's doing by making this announcement here, before this thing really kicks off and the others get into the race, is designed to stake out that high ground, as you say.

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