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Laura Ingraham Tells "Special Report" Panel You Can't Trust Obama: "Keep Your Eyes Wide Open"

Laura Ingraham joins Charles Krauthammer, Juan Williams, and Bret Baier on FNC's Special Report.

LAURA INGRAHAM, RADIO HOST: I don't know why all these Republicans are surprised when the administration, or representatives of the administration prevaricate, exaggerate, lie. Why should they be surprised? I don't know why Senator Rubio would -- just because you ask a question, you're going to get an answer that is truthful.

I think we should keep our eyes wide open, all of us journalists and commentators, and the Senators: when dealing with issues like fact-track trade authority, Obama's plans to enforce new border restrictions, and some new immigration reform bill. Because they haven't been trustworthy on a whole bunch of other issues, and so I think you're going to hear a lot of Republicans say: nice rhetoric, but your actions speak louder than words.

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