Holder: I Can't Honestly Say That If You're A Person of Color, You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Police


ERIC HOLDER: I don't think [African-American and Latino young people] should fear the police, but I certainly think we have to build up a better relationship between young people, people of color, and people in law enforcement. There is distrust that exists on both sides. There's misunderstanding that exists on both sides. And we have to come up with ways in which we bridge those gaps so that people don’t demonize other people, so that people understand on both sides there are people trying to do the best that they can. We’re not at a stage where I can honestly say, you know, truthfully say that if you’re a person of color, you should not be concerned about any interaction that you have with the police in the same way I can’t say to a police officer, you shouldn't worry about what community you are being asked to operate in. Building trust that does not now exist, but has to exist...

We as a nation have failed. It’s as simple as that. We have failed. We have understood that these issues have existed long before even that 2001 memorandum by that, then young deputy attorney general. These are issues we've been dealing with for generations and it’s why we have to seize this opportunity that we now have. We have a moment in time. That we can, perhaps, come up with some meaningful change. It’s what I’m committed to doing, even in the limited time I have left as Attorney General and I’ll certainly continue to do it after I leave office. It’s what this administration is committed to. But also the nation, the nation is really ready for this kind of change.

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