Krauthammer: Obama's Cuba Decision Sends Message To Allies That U.S. Will "Improve Relations" With Enemies


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think if we do ultimately totally normalize relations that's going to be an issue that no longer comes up. It will be assumed that 50 years is the statute of limitations. Let me just say, can I add one note? Cuba in itself doesn't matter as a geopolitical issue for the United States. It did in the Cold War; it doesn't now. It's a small island.

But what this does is it sends a signal to places that do matter -- the Persian Gulf, Eastern Europe, the Pacific Rim allies that if you have a bully in the neighborhood, you've got something that's not only anti-Democratic but anti-American, this administration appease them and you have to watch your back because there's no one. You've counted on America for 50 years to watch your back. It's not watching your back. This is a president who wants to leave his mark by "improving relations with the worst regime on earth," and that's what he wants to do. (Special Report Online, December 17, 2014)

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