Krauthammer: "Is There No Tyrant or Anti-American Center That Obama Will Not Appease For Nothing In Return?"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I really think this is a bit of trickery because had this -- it was announced today, obviously so it would be a day after [Tony] Blinken gets confirmed. Had this happened a day earlier, he would not have been concerned, there would have had a huge argument over what appears to be, let's say, an untruth of some sort about the consultation with Congress.

But I think the major issue here is something that Obama, you mentioned Obama in '08, well this is what he said in '08: "I will maintain the embargo," and he said for precisely the reason we have cited here today, "it provides us with leverage to provide the regime with a choice, if you take significant steps towards a democracy, we will take steps to begin normalizing relations." Which is the consensus that the country has had for 50 years.

There was not an ounce, there was not an inch, there was not a suggestion of an opening here, so this is a contradiction. It's about this administration, that wherever it meets a tyrant, whether it's Putin in Russia, and we abandon our missile defense system in Eastern Europe and get nothing in return. We do a START treaty which is advantageous to the Russians and does nothing on our part. Or with Iran where Obama refuses to support the revolution in 2009 and appears to be relaxing sanctions, giving away the store on nuclear weapons. Is there no tyrant or anti-American center in the world that Obama will not appease for nothing in return? If he gets something in return, I'd be willing to listen. I haven't seen anything.

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