Juan Williams on Sony: I Know From Working at NPR, "Hypocrisy Of The White Left Dwarfs The White Right"


FOX News contributor Juan Williams discusses his recent column where he addresses the racist emails traded between a Sony executive and a producer where they joke about what President Obama's taste in movies must be. They suggested he must love Django Unchained or The Butler, movies that have black characters as the leading role.

Scott Rudin, a movie producer, said, "I bet he likes Kevin Hart." Kevin Hart, a black comedian, has been in several recent box office hits.

JUAN WILLIAMS: I wrote about this for FOXNews.com because to me, the idea of white liberal hypocrisy of these Hollywood executives who are giving money to the Democrats and then go, "What do we talk to the president of the free world about?"

We don't have to talk about foreign affairs or what's going on in the world. No, you know what, this guy is just like any other 'black guy' even though he's a Harvard-educated constitutional lawyer. "I bet that Kevin Hart, you know the slapstick comedy, that's about his level. Then we can talk to him about the slave movie, that's about what we can talk about." Holy smokes.

BRET BAIER: I mean it's really eye-opening.

LAURA INGRAHAM: But it's the most tolerant people are in many ways behind closed doors just as intolerant as the yahoos they have imagined in West Virginia sitting around their, you know, wood stove.

WILLIAMS: I know this personally from NPR that white liberals -- in the piece I quote Malcolm X. Malcolm X said the hypocrisy of the white left dwarfs the white right. (Special Report Online, December 17, 2014)

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